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Joint Allied Signal Company
Impression Options For JASCO

The primary impression will be a Marine Rifleman circa 1944.

  1. Marine Rifleman
  2. Marine Automatic Rifleman (BAR man)
  3. Marine Assistant BAR man
  4. Marine Squad Leader (must be promoted to this post)
  5. Marine Infantry Officer (must be promoted to this position)
  6. Marine Radioman (TBY, TBX, BC-1000 or SCR-300 - must supply your own radio)
  7. Navajo Code Talker
  8. Marine Machine-gunner (.30 caliber water-cooled or air-cooled)
  9. Marine Assistant Machine-gunner
  10. Marine Flamethrower Operator (must supply own flamethrower or flamethrower mock up)
  11. Marine Assault Engineer/Demolitions man
  12. Marine Scout/Sniper (for sniper a M-1903A1 with Unertl scope must be used)
  13. Marine Artillery Spotter (Enlisted or Officer)
  14. Marine Aviation Liaison Officer
  15. Marine Shore Party Communications Man
  16. Marine Jeep Driver
  17. Marine Field Telephone Switchboard Operator
  18. Marine Field Telephone Lineman
  19. Navy Hospital Corpsman
  20. Naval Gunfire Spotter (Officer or Enlisted)
  21. Navy Radioman
  22. Army Field Artillery Spotter (Officer or Enlisted)
  23. Army Radio Operator