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Joint Allied Signal Company
Gear breakdown for WW2 USMC Rifleman

Worn By Marine:

Skivvie drawers
Identification tags
Utility trousers
Utility jacket
Web trouser belt
Boondockers (field shoes)
Utility cap
Steel combat helmet with liner and camouflage cover
Lifebelt or lifejacket (Discarded after landing on beach)
Gas Mask in carrier with gas cape and waterproofing kit
M1923 Rifle cartridge belt
Carlisle dressing in pouch
Jungle First-aid kit
2 canteens in covers with 1 canteen cup
Ka-Bar knife
Field pack suspenders
Ammunition bandoliers
M-1 rifle
M1907 leather sling
Butt-stock cleaning kit (combination tool, oiler, pull-through, bore
 brush, cleaning patches, grease pot)

Field Transport Pack (contents and attachments):

Blanket roll (Shelter half, pole, 5 pins, guy rope, blanket) (Attached)
Poncho (attached under flap)
Entrenching tool and carrier (attached)
Bayonet and scabbard (attached)
Mess kit and utensils
Shaving kit containing: double edged blade razor, razor blades, shaving soap 
 or powder, shaving brush, stainless steel shaving mirror, toothbrush  and
 holder, toothpowder or toothpaste, soap dish and soap, comb, sewing kit,   
 extra legging and boondocker laces, white towel (may be US Marines marked)
Skivvie drawers (button front boxer under shorts) (1pr)
Socks (2pr)
1 days rations (C or K)
1 days D ration
Rifle cleaning kit: M-1 rifle cleaning pouch with M-10 cleaning rod,
 cleaning patch tip, gun oil, bore cleaner, action brushes, cleaning
 patches and rifle grease

Extra pr utility trousers
Extra utility jacket
Extra pr boondockers
2 extra undershirts
2 pr extra skivvie drawers
2 pr extra socks