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501st in the Battle of the Bulge
December 16 marks the anniversary of the beginning of The Battle of the Bulge. As you know the 101st traces a proud tradition back to that campaign, one that was marked with much difficulty on both sides. The 501st has the legacy of being the first 101 troopers pushed in that battle and their personal sacrifices and losses will forever be a part of that campaign. Take just a moment today or over this weekend and think about the reality of what life in combat under those conditions must have been like... cold as hell, surrounded on all sides, no chance for relief or re-supply, just buddies on each side bearing the same burden. HOLD THE LINE, STAND FIRM. Their time in the forests lasted almost 30 days before the seige ended and they moved on to the next objective. For them, the Christmas of 1944 was spent 3000 miles away from home, in a cold hole, enduring every hardship that the weather and the surrounding German army could muster.