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Shoe Line:  http://www.shoeline.com
Web Site: http://www.shoeline.com

SM Wholesale:  Repro US & German uniforms.
Web Site: http://www.smwholesale.com/

Lost Battalions:  Ed Walton's quality German and US uniforms.
Web Site: http://www.lostbattalions.com/

HOBBYTOWN:  Your ONE-STOP hobby shop. With everything from plastic scale kits and modeling supplies to radio control and gaming items, you will find everything for the hobbyist under one roof. A wealth of historical projects and reference await the reenactor and hobbyist alike. Owner: Gary Phillips
Phone: (865)690-1099

The GI Journal:  The GI Journal is an excellant bimonthly publication specializing in GI uniforms and equipment.
Web Site: http://www.militaria.com/

Reenactor Stuff:  http://reenactorstuff.com
Web Site: http://reenactorstuff.com

Joe Swanson's Motion Picture Blanks, Inc.:  Dealer in top-quality blanks for pretty much all reenacting needs. http://www.ctaz.com/~joemar/
Web Site: http://joeswansonsmotionpictureblanks.com

Dehner Riding Accessories:  A source for high-quality stock and custom riding boots.
Web Site: http://www.dehner.com/

Civilian Marksman Program:  http://www.ODCMP.com
Web Site: http://www.ODCMP.com

Grunt's Militaria:  US militaria and informational site.
Web Site: http://www.gruntsmilitary.com/